DEMAND SET                                                                                                               مجموعة الطلب
Demand Letter To be attested From Chamber of Commerce and

Industry of the kingdom of Bahrain.

رسالة الطلب أن يشهد من غرفة التجارة وصناعة من مملكة البحرين
Power of Attorney To be attested From Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kingdom of Bahrain. التوكيل لتكون يشهد من غرفة التجارة و صناعة من مملكة البحرين.
Guarantee Letter to be addressed to Foreign Employment Department of Nepal, to be attached from chamber of commerce and industries of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

رسالة ضمان موجهة إلى  إدارة العمالة الأجنبية من النيبال ، ليتم إرفاقها من الغرفة االتجارة والصناعات من مملكة البحرين.


Service Agreement between the Company and Recruitment Agency from Nepal, to be attached from chamber of commerce and industries Of the Kingdom of Bahrain. اتفاقية الخدمة بين شركة ووكالة التوظيف من نيبال، ليتم إرفاقها من الغرفة التجارة والصناعات من مملكة البحرين.
Employment Contract To be Attested from the Chamber of

Commerce and Industry of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

عقد العمل موثق من غرفة التجارة والصناعة من مملكة البحرين.
Guarantee and Undertaking الضمان والتعهد
Company Profile ملف الشركة
CR Copy of the Company  نسخة من الشركةCR
CPR Copy of the Sponsor  نسخة من الكفيل  CPR
Bahainzation Calculator حاسبةالبحرينة


  1. The Embassy shall not accept the documents if the Demand set contain any hand-written correction or use of correcting fluid on it.
  2. On the page of the Employment Contract, the details regarding the Second Party (Employee) should be left blank.
  3. There should be exact matching of the names between the Company (Employer)’s letter head with the name of the company mentioned in the stamp of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce.
  4. The names of the professions in the demand letter should be exactly same as like in the visa approval.
  5. The date must be the same in each document.
  6. If the Company has already recruited Nepalese workers, The following details should be filled (Mandatory):
    S.N. Name CPR No Passport No. Contact No. Salary of the recent three months(BD) remarks
    Basic Month1 Month2 Month3
  7. The aforementioned document can be downloaded from the Embassy website:


Demand Documents Set Checklist 
  1. Demand Letter
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Guarantee Letter
  4. Service Agreement
  5. Employment Contract
  6. Application for Guarantee and Undertaking
  7. Cover Letter

Individual Process Employment Document Sample   
Experience in Bahrain
Family members in Bahrain

Minimum Salary for Nepalese workers in Bahrain

S.N. Designation Basic Salary (BD) Allowance(BD) /Food
1 Un-Skilled 100 30/food
2 Semi-Skilled 120 30/food
3 Skilled 150 30/food
4 Professional 550 50/food

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