नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर, भिसा ,सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू


नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति 10 January 2018 देखि 16 January 2019 सम्ममा प्रमाणित गरिएका व्यक्तिगत भिसा, सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित   अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Visa/Contract Name of Employer Name of Employee
Ind.125 10.01.19 Visa-10659462, Storekeeper Assistsant Nass Mechanical Contracting Company W.L.L. Dikshan Thapa
Ind.125.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.126 13.01.19 Visa-10687133, Labourer Cermaica Delmon Co. W.L.L. Mahesh Pokhrel
Ind.126.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.127 13.01.19 Visa-10672915, Labourer Cermaica Delmon Co. W.L.L. Krishan Rana Magar
Ind.127.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.128 14.01.19 Visa-10569994, Foreman Services Fata S.P.A. – Bahrain Branch Laxman Somare Magar
Ind.128.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.129 16.01.19 Visa-10681125, Auditor Nabeel Al-Saie(Public Accountants) Sharad Dawadi
Ind.129.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.130 16.01.19 Visa-10688561, Beautician Al Sultan Girl Salon Saru Maharjan
Ind.130.1   Contract/Agreement    


नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति 13 January 2018 देखि 16 January 2018 सम्ममा प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Demand Set Name of Employer Name of Employee Remarks
Dem.144 13.01.19 Demand Letter NBA   For Construction M/S Al-Khaleej International Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.144.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.144.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.144.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.144.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.145 13.01.19 Demand Letter Dream Way Services Co. W.L.L. M/S Easy Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.145.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.145.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.145.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.145.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.146 14.01.19 To Whom It May Concern Suncity Ventures W.L.L. M/S Al Amal Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.147 14.01.19 Demand Letter Look At Me For Hairdressing & Other Beauty Treatment Ladies Co. W.L.L. M/S Rightway Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.147.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.147.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.147.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.147.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.148 16.01.19 Demand Letter Al Rayah For Safety items W.L.L. M/S The Sky Of The World Manpower Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.148.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.148.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.148.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.148.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.149 16.01.19 Demand Letter Kingdom Security Protection Services W.L.L. M/S The Sky Of The World Manpower Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.149.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.149.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.149.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.149.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.150 16.01.19 Demand Letter Securi Core S.P.C. Owned by Rasheed Al-Fawaz M/S The Sky Of The World Manpower Pvt. Ltd. Attested (Employment Contract) by the chamber had some errors and the Embassy attested the edited copy without chamber sticker.
Dem.150.1   Power of Attorney    
Dem.150.2   Guarantee Letter    
Dem.150.3   Services Agreement    
Dem.150.4   Employment Contract/Agreement    
Dem.151 16.01.19 Demand Letter K.P. Manpower S.P.C. M/S MBK Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.151.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.151.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.151.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.151.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.152 16.01.19 Demand Letter Mesk Holding B.S.C. Closed M/S Evergreen Employment Pvt.Ltd.  
Dem.152.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.152.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.152.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.152.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.152.5   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.152.6   Group of Company      
Dem.153 16.01.19 Demand Letter Specialized Safety Co. W.L.L. M/S Elmira Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.153.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.153.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.153.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.153.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.154 16.01.19 Demand Letter Ismco Company W.L.L. M/S Dynamic Staffing Solution Nepal Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.154.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.154.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.154.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.154.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.155 16.01.19 Demand Letter Ebrahim Zainal Manpower M/S MBK Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.155.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.155.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.155.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.155.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.155.5   Group of Company      
Dem.156 16.01.19 Demand Letter Pide Pastries(Florya Design) M/S Hamdan Employment Services Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.156.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.156.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.156.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.156.4   Employment Contract/Agreement