नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर, भिसा ,सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू

नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति 14 October 2019 देखि 17 October 2019 सम्ममा प्रमाणित गरिएका व्यक्तिगत भिसा, सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित   अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Visa/Contract Name of Employer Name of Employee
Ind.56 14.10.19 Visa-11470776, Receptionist Service Master Plus Cleaning And Contracting Company W.L.L. Soniya Thing
Ind.56.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.57 14.10.19 Visa-11420409, Kitchen Worker Asha Pura Snack Bar Bahrain Partnership Mahesh Tharu
Ind.57.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.58 14.10.19 Visa-11431063, Cleaning Supervisior/Foreman RuRu Tower W.L.L Gajendra Kumar
Ind.59 14.10.19 Visa-11041088, Beautician Allure Beauty Saloon Kalpana Bayalkoti
Ind.59.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.60 15.10.19 Visa-11165898, Specialist, Network Monitoring Infonas W.L.L Penuj Kharel
Ind.60.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.61 15.10.19 Visa-11429475, Beautician Myaseen Beauty Salon Punam Dargi
Ind.61.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.62 15.10.19 Visa-11426970, Cleaner Sao Paulo Cleaning Sunita Tamang
Ind.62.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.63 17.10.19 Visa-11354633, Driver Marine Mark Contracting S.P.C. owner by Reshed Hassan Yusuf Ahmed Ali Mattar Ram Hari Kumal
Ind.63.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.64 17.10.19 Visa-11447577, Worker Cherish Home Interior Design Tham Bahadur Gurung
Ind.64.1   Contract/Agreement    


नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति 10 October 2019 देखि 17 October 2019 सम्ममा प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Demand Set Name of Employer Name of Employee Remarks
Dem.101 10.10.19 Demand Letter Olympic Contracting Co. W.L.L. M/S Emasco Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.101.1 Power of Attorney
Dem.101.2 Guarantee Letter
Dem.101.3 Service Agreement
Dem.101.4 Employment         Contract/ Agreement
Dem.102 10.10.19 Demand Letter Rodina Gents Tailoring M/S Fast Employment Services Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.102.1 Power of Attorney
Dem.102.2 Guarantee Letter
Dem.102.3 Service Agreement
Dem.102.4 Employment         Contract/ Agreement
Dem.103 14.10.19 Demand Letter Magic Needle Uniforms M/S Sugam Oversease Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.103.1 Power of Attorney
Dem.103.2 Guarantee Letter
Dem.103.3 Service Agreement
Dem.103.4 Employment         Contract/ Agreement
Dem.104 14.10.19 Power of Attorney Dar Maysaa Saloon & Spa M/S Miyon International Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.105 14.10.19 Demand Letter Palm Palace Contracting M/S Marvelous Employment Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.105.1 Power of Attorney
Dem.105.2 Guarantee Letter
Dem.105.3 Service Agreement
Dem.105.4 Employment         Contract/ Agreement
Dem.106 14.10.19 Demand Letter Bercelona International Marketing Est. M/S The Global Welfare H.R. Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.106.1 Power of Attorney
Dem.106.2 Guarantee Letter
Dem.106.3 Service Agreement
Dem.106.4 Employment        Contract/ Agreement
Dem.107 14.10.19 Demand Letter Basma Marble And Granite B.S.C. Closed M/S Pokhara Recruitment Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.107.1 Power of Attorney
Dem.107.2 Guarantee Letter
Dem.107.3 Service Agreement
Dem.107.4 Employment         Contract/ Agreement
Dem.108 15.10.19 Demand Letter Sepcolll Bahrain Construction Company SPC M/S Grand Shikhar Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Attested(Power of Attorney) by the chamber had some errors and the Embassy attested the edited copy without chamber sticker.
Dem.108.1 Power of Attorney
Dem.108.2 Guarantee Letter
Dem.108.3 Service Agreement
Dem.108.4 Employment         Contract/ Agreement
Dem.109 15.10.19 Group of Company Sama Deraty Co W.L.L M/S The Honesty Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.110 15.10.19 Demand Letter Royal Purple Beauty Salon M/S Miracle Manpower Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.110.1 Power of Attorney
Dem.110.2 Guarantee Letter
Dem.110.3 Service Agreement
Dem.110.4 Employment         Contract/ Agreement
Dem.111 17.10.19 Demand Letter Mechanical Contracting & Services Company W.L.L.(MCSC) M/S Tripura Employment Pvt. Ltd.
Dem.111.1 Power of Attorney
Dem.111.2 Guarantee Letter
Dem.111.3 Service Agreement
Dem.111.4 Employment         Contract/ Agreement