नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर, भिसा ,सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू

  नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति  28 July 2019 देखि 8 August 2019 सम्म मा प्रमाणित गरिएका व्यक्तिगत भिसा, सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित   अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Visa/Contract Name of Employer Name of Employee
Ind.15 28.07.19 Visa-11270442, Beautician Full Brow Beauty Lounge Usa Gurung
Ind.15.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.16 04.08.19 Visa-11253191, Receptionist Taha International For Industrial Services W.L.L. Bishnu Maya Limbu
Ind.16.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.17 04.08.19 Visa-11273071, Worker Fatema Ahmed Ali Ajoor Rudra Bahadur Khatri Chhetri
Ind.17.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.18 05.08.19 Visa-3458981, Cook(General) Savour Café Arjun Tiruwa
Ind.18.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.19 06.08.19 Visa-11279383, Driver Jana Investment & Devlopment Surya Thapa Chherti
Inc.19.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.20 06.08.19 Visa-11230583, Worker AL Qalamoon Restaurants For Food And Bevrage Services Activities Kamal Bishlwakaram
Ind.20.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.21 07.08.19 Visa-7651743, Room Attendant Royal Court Vijay Tamang
Ind.21.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.22 07.08.19 Visa-7631746, Room Attendant Royal Court Bhadrakali Luitel
Ind.22.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.23 08.08.19 Visa-11269532, Tailor Roochi Gents Tailoring Gokul Damai
Ind.23.1   Contract/Agreement    
नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति 29 July  2019 देखि   8 August 2019 सम्ममा प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Demand Set Name of Employer Name of Employee Remarks
Dem.20 29.07.19 Demand Letter Cuba Café M/S Namo Buddha Recruitment Pvt.Ltd. Attested(Demand Letter) by the chamber had some errors and the Embassy attested the edited copy without chamber sticker.
Dem.20.1   Power of Attorney    
Dem.20.2   Guarantee Letter    
Dem.20.3   Service Agreement    
Dem.20.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement    
Dem.21 01.08.19 Demand Letter United International Décor W.L.L. M/S Easy Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.21.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.21.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.21.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.21.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.22 04.08.19 Power of Attorney Harem Alsultan Beauty Salon M/S Chinari Overseas Pvt.Ltd.  
Dem.23 04.08.19 Power of Attorney Rawaa Beauty Salon M/S Chinari Overseas Pvt.Ltd.  
Dem.24 04.08.19 Group of Company Decco Furniture Factory S.P.C. M/s Triveni Overseas Corner Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.24.1   To Whom It May Concern      
Dem.25 04.08.19 Demand Letter Sangeetha Restaurant Delights W.L.L. M/S Sukam HR Services Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.25.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.25.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.25.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.25.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.26 04.08.19 Demand Letter Quick Zebra Services M/S Nice Recruitment Agency Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.26.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.26.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.26.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.26.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.27 05.08.19 Demand Letter Nass Mechanical Contracting Company W.L.L. M/S Protech Nepal Employment Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.27.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.27.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.27.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.27.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.28 06.08.19 Power of Attorney Alrayah For Safety Items M/S Sky of the World Manpower Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.29 06.08.19 Demand Letter Globic Company W.L.L. M/S The Pukar International Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.29.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.29.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.29.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.29.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.30 06.08.19 Demand Letter East Stages For Activities of Head Offices Establishment M/S Pukar International Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.30.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.30.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.30.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.30.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.31 07.08.19 Demand Letter LS Cables & System Ltd. M/S Chartered Global Human Resources Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.31.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.31.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.31.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.31.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.32 08.08.19 Demand Letter Middle East Aluminium M/S Nice Recruiting Agency Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.32.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.32.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.32.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.32.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.33 08.08.19 Demand Letter Al Karam Al Arabi Services SPC-Owned By Al Karam Al Arabi Services Company Limited M/S The Honesty Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.33.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.33.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.33.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.33.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement