नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर, भिसा ,सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू

नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति  3 June 2019 देखि  18  June 2019 सम्ममा प्रमाणित गरिएका व्यक्तिगत भिसा, सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित   अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Visa/Contract Name of Employer Name of Employee
Ind.255 03.06.19 Visa-11122306, Cook(General) Hala Café Dudhimaya Pakhrin
Ind.255.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.256 09.06.19 Visa-11071983, Beautician Sharifah Beauty Centre Khadga Maya Bishwakarma
Ind.256.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.257 09.06.19 Visa-11084256, Labourer Mercury Contracting Center Saran Karki
Ind.257.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.258 09.06.19 Visa-11123852, Salesman Asiana House Market Megha Bahadur Pun
Ind.258.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.259 11.06.19 Visa-11117541, Worker Marmaris Group Padam Bahadur Thapa
Ind.259.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.260 11.06.19 Visa-11113875, Worker Marmaris Group Narayan Panday
Ind.260.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.261 13.06.19 Visa-10904382, Cashier Everest Nepali Foodstuffs Mayadevi Khatri
Ind.261.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.262 16.06.19 Visa-11103055, Security Guard Al Jazeera Security Co. S.P.C. Usah Thapa
Ind.262.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.263 16.06.19 Visa-11122146, Beautician Aroos Alreef Beauty Center Bhagawati Hamal
Ind.263.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.264 16.06.19 Visa-11113761, Beauticain Aroos Alreef Beauty Center Bipana Shrestha
Ind.264.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.265 17.06.19 Visa-11101960, Designer Eight Hours Services Tara Giri
Ind.265.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.266 18.06.19 Visa-11097022, Supervisior Quick Zebra Services Sagar Raj Panta
Ind.266.1   Contract/Agreement    
नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति 9  June  2019 देखि  20 June 2019 सम्ममा प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Demand Set Name of Employer Name of Employee Remarks
Dem.340 09.06.19 Group of Company Lanterns Restaurant Co. W.L.L. M/S Miracle Man Power Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.341 11.06.19 Power of Attorney Secure Me W.L.L. M/S I.M.S. Manpower Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.342 13.06.19 Demand Letter Fit Well Uniforms M/S Al Sama International Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.342.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.342.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.342.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.342.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.343 13.06.19 Demand Letter Areesh Food Club S.P.C. M/S Global Welfare HR Solution Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.343.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.343.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.343.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.343.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.344 13.06.19 To Whom It May Concern International Security Service M/S Miracle Manpower Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.345 13.06.19 Demand Letter Exelon Infratech SPC M/S Montage Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.345.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.345.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.345.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.345.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.346 16.06.19 Power of Attorney Hair Spa M/S Chinari Overseas Pvt.Ltd.  
Dem.347 16.06.19 Demand Letter Al Reem Gate Construction M/S Sukam HR Services Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.347.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.347.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.347.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.347.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.348 17.06.19 Demand Letter Jelly Fish Factory S.P.C. Owned by Hasan Ahmed Ali Salman M/S Chartered Global Human Resources Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.348.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.348.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.348.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.348.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.349 17.06.19 Demand Letter Jaradah Fish S.P.C. M/S Chartered Global Human Resources Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.349.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.349.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.349.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.349.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.350 18.06.19 Demand Letter Younis Burger M/S Zafar International Pvt. Ltd. Attested(Demand Letter, Guarantee Letter & Employment Contract) by the chamber had some errors and the Embassy attested the edited copy without chamber sticker.
Dem.350.1   Power of Attorney    
Dem.350.2   Guarantee Letter    
Dem.350.3   Service Agreement    
Dem.350.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement    
Dem.351 18.06.19 Demand Letter Blue Swimming Crab Factory For Preserving Fish M/S Chartered Global Human Resources Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.351.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.351.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.351.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.351.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.352 18.06.19 Demand Letter Ramee Hotels & Resuatrants Management Co. W.L.L. M/S The Indigo Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.352.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.352.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.352.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.352.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.352.5   Group of Company      
Dem.353 18.06.19 Demand Letter Hayat Palace Suites M/S Adarsha Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.353.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.353.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.353.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.353.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.354 18.06.19 Demand Letter Holiday Bahrain Hotel S.P.C. M/S Adarsha Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.354.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.354.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.354.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.354.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.355 18.06.19 Demand Letter Al Olaya Suites Hotel W.L.L. M/S Sky-Way Management Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.355.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.355.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.355.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.355.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.356 18.06.19 Demand Letter Premiere Hotel W.L.L. M/S Sky Way Management Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.356.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.356.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.356.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.356.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.357 19.06.19 Demand Letter Saaj Techinical Mechanical Contracting M/S Moon Light International Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.357.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.357.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.357.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.357.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.358 19.06.19 Demand Letter Samadeeraty For Restaurant Co. W.L.L. M/S The Honesty Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.358.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.358.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.358.3   Service Agreement      
Dem.358.4   Employment         Contract/ Agreement      
Dem.359 20.06.19 Group of Company Gulf Baz Industrial Co. W.L.L. M/S Paradies International Pvt. Ltd.