नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर, भिसा ,सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू


नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति 4 February 2018 देखि 8 February 2018 सम्ममा प्रमाणित गरिएका व्यक्तिगत भिसा, सम्झौतापत्र तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित   अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Visa/Contract Name of Employer Name of Employee
Ind.110 04.02.18 Visa-9743622, Secretary Golden Logistics Cleaning Bikee Nepali
Ind.110.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.111 04.02.18 Visa-9610886, Hairdresser Shadow Ladies Beauty Salon Toma Thapa
Ind.111.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.112 04.02.18 Visa-9727850, Driver Light Steel Equipments Hiring & Contracting Nema Tamang
Ind.112.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.113 05.02.18 Visa-9648925, Hair Dresser Cinderella Salon Ruma Malla
Ind.113.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.114 07.02.18 Visa-9498383, Salesman Olympia Sports Outlet Alina Chitrakar
Ind.114.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.115 07.02.18 Visa-9720105, Labourer Delmon Precast Contracting W.L.L. Hari Siwa
Ind.115.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.116 08.02.18 Visa-9730258, Secretary Mohammed Hussain M Al Jaroodi Chhali Devi Pokhrel Parajuli
Ind.116.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.117 08.02.18 Visa-9691933, Sales Agent Coffee Hut Sapana Dahal
Ind.117.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.118 08.02.18 Visa-9387455, Beautician Butterfly Beauty Salon Krishna Devi Shrestha
Ind.118.1   Contract/Agreement    
Ind.119 08.02.18 Visa-9743059, Labourer Sami Abdulla Ameen. Ameenco Ram Kumar Mahato
Ind.119.1   Contract/Agreement    


नेपाली राजदूतावास, बहराइनबाट मिति 4 February 2018 देखि 8 February 2018 सम्ममा प्रमाणित गरिएका डिमाण्ड लेटर तथा सो संग सम्बन्धित अन्य कागजातहरू
Reg. No. Date Demand Set Name of Employer Name of Employee Remarks
Dem.148 04.01.18 Demand Letter Moskava Cafeteria M/S The Golden Eagle Manpower Pvt.Ltd.  
Dem.148.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.148.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.148.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.148.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.149 04.01.18 Demand Letter Alsabah A/C Workshop M/S International Manpower Recruitment Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.149.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.149.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.149.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.149.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.150 06.02.18 Demand Letter Jakarta Contracting M/S Miyon International Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.150.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.150.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.150.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.150.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.151 06.02.18 Demand Letter Mishmedia Services W.L.L. M/S Kshitij Employment Services Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.151.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.151.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.151.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.151.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.152 06.02.18 Demand Letter Laduree Beauty Lounge M/S Precious International Pvt.Ltd.  
Dem.152.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.152.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.152.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.152.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.153 07.02.18 Demand Letter Specialist Consultancy & Solutions Co. W.L.L. M/S MBK Overseas Pvt.Ltd.  
Dem.153.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.153.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.153.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.153.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.154 08.02.18 Group of Company Alshaya Trading Co. W.L.L. M/S Dewan Consultants Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.155 08.02.18 Demand Letter Yathreb Salon And Spa M/S Sunsari Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.155.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.155.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.155.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.155.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.156 08.02.18 Power of Attorney Jumeirah Royal Saray S.P.C. Owned by Sevens Hotels & Resourts W.L.L. M/S Vision & Value Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.157 08.02.18 Demand Letter Rome Palace Contracting Co. W.L.L. M/S C.D. Human Resources Pvt. Ltd.  
Dem.157.1   Power of Attorney      
Dem.157.2   Guarantee Letter      
Dem.157.3   Services Agreement      
Dem.157.4   Employment Contract/Agreement      
Dem.158 08.02.18 To Whom It May Concern Idea Publicity & Advertising Co. Partnertship M/S World Favour Overseas Pvt. Ltd.